JAMBO! Sponsor book for the heart clinic in Moshi, Tanzania by Ansje Visser

Jambo is a Swahili word and means hello.

I am a volunteer for the ZGT Oversee organization in The Netherlands. Last year I went to Tanzania to interview 4 children for a sponsor book for the heart clinic in Moshi, the northern part of Tanzania, close to Kilimanjaro mountain. 

The KCMC hospital in Moshi serves an area of 15 million people and has no specialized heart department. Can you imagine?! That means that many people with a heart problem in this area die, including many children.

ZGT is working with Tanzanian and American partners in this project. Therefor I also added 2 children from the US and 2 children from the Netherlands to the book.  So we have the stories and dreams of 8 children from 3 countries on 3 different continents. 3 of the children have a heart disease.

The heart clinic is presently being build in Moshi on the premises of the KCMC hospital. You can imagine this project costs a lot of money. We made a sponsor book to contribute to the building of the heart clinic.

The book is written in English and besides the stories of the children also has an educational side.  It is very suitable to use at school but also at home for children and adults it is a very informative book. You find information about the different countries, information about heart care in the 3 countries, lessons Swahili and Dutch and music in the book. I added QR codes you can scan with the camera of your mobile phone so  you can see the stories of the children come to life. From the short films and stories I selected questions for discussion to create awareness and I give suggestions for fundraising activities.

You can support the hospital in Moshi by buying the book. The proceeds of the book will be fully going to the building of the clinic.  Send me a message if you are interested to buy the book or have questions.

Help us the achieve our goal! Asante sana, thank you very much!